Volunteer with Nightline

Nightline is always looking for volunteers — both to listen to callers and to promote our service. Both are rewarding, but becoming a listening volunteer requires a greater commitment both during and after training.

To maintain the anonymity of our listening volunteers, the listening and publicity volunteers work in two separate teams.

Listening for Nightline

If you would like to sign up to do listening training this term, or any future terms, just fill out the form below and we will get in touch:

Training Form

Please fill out this form as early as possible in term, because spaces are limited and do fill up quickly! While it is sometimes possible for us to accept last-minute applications, it is usually expected that we will have all of our groups finalised the week before training starts.


We are an anonymous service, which includes both our callers and the volunteers who listen to them.

It is therefore very important that you do not tell anyone that you are thinking of training with us, or (if you are selected) that you are a volunteer. Your trainers can explain this policy in greater detail at your first meeting.


The dates for the training sessions are:

  • Saturdays of 4th May, 11rd May, and 18th May;
  • Sundays of 5th May, 12th May, and 19th May.

Training takes place on the three consecutive Saturdays or Sundays of these weekends and attendance at all three Saturdays or all three Sundays is required. Because of the format of training, you'll need to stay in the same training group throughout, so it is not possible to do a mixture of Saturdays and Sundays.

Training commitments

The days start at 9.30am and continue into the evening, with exact timings being dependent on group size and other factors. Training days can be very long - your trainers will do everything possible to make training run on time, but please don't plan anything for the evenings of your training days, just in case!

In addition to the full days, there will be a few short (about one hour) meetings before training starts and between training days to cover certain topics in detail, but these are flexibly arranged with your trainers at a convenient time for you.

Training can be tiring and some of the topics that come up many volunteers find difficult, but we make sure that there is plenty of support on hand every day and most of our volunteers find the training rewarding and engaging.

Post-training commitments

Trainees who are accepted as volunteers will be asked to attend an office induction session and commit to a minimum of two shifts per term, of course arranged at times that are convenient for you (though this requirement can be waived during difficult terms). Please consider whether you will be able to keep these commitments before signing up to train.


If you have any questions about training to be a listening volunteer, please direct them to the TOs (Training Officers) at [email protected].

Publicity, Fundraising and Outreach (PFO)

The PFO team is responsible for putting Nightline's publicity strategy into practice. We recruit volunteers for PFO in a number of areas — if you volunteer, you can specialise or do a variety of different things.

Apply Now!

Creative? Interested in student welfare? Oxford Nightline is currently recruiting a team of publicity and fundraising officers. The role can involve designing publicity and fundraising campaigns and events, creating publicity materials, and raising awareness of the issues students face. It's a great chance to apply your skills to a cause that matters.


Nightline needs to present itself in a professional manner to Oxford's students, but also to reach those who might benefit from the service it provides. We need talented designers, artists, photographers and writers who can help us produce consistently high-quality publicity material — from flyers and posters to websites, blog posts and T-shirts.


PFO is currently planning events for the coming year, and we need more people to help manage and run them. You could sit on one of the organising committees, or just work a shift or two at an event.


The next step is to fill out this short form and we'll get back to you as soon as possible to organise a short induction.